Potential of the Indian Deceased Donation Programme


Potential of the Indian Deceased Donation Programme

Potential of the Indian Deceased Donation Programme
Spain has the highest number of organ donation rate from brain dead patients in the world at 33 per million population (Spain has a population of 40 million and has on an average 1340 Brain donors every year 33 X 40 = 1340). This has been possible due to the co-ordination network between 139 hospitals.  In India our current organ donation rate is 0.26 per million. However if we can improve it even to 1 per million donation – we could take care of some of the organ shortage in India and this is how the arithmetic would work:

  •  At 1 per million donation rate we would have 1100 organ donors – or 2200 kidneys, 1100 hearts, 1100 Livers, 1100 pancreas and 2200 Eyes.  This should take care of almost all current demands for organs in India.
  • At 2 per million donation rate there would be 2200 organ donors and the above figures would double There would be no necessity to undertake living kidney donations.
  • If we did 3 per million, we could take care of all SAARC countries’ demand for organs.
  • At 5 per million we would have 11,000 kidneys, 5500 hearts and 5500 livers and we could start looking at the problem of organ shortage in rest of Asia and other parts of the world.

The success of organ donation programme reflects a society’s triumph and its attitude towards fellow human beings. It is an act of giving, recycling and rebirth. This is the law of our universe, atoms are never destroyed – whatever perishes is born again in some form. Death is not the end it is a new beginning. We need to understand and accept this philosophy. Walter Scott the famous novelist said – ‘Death is not the last sleep. It is the final awakening.’